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The online apparel store is being re-opened after the convention for a limited time.  All orders must be received by midnight on 8/31/2019.  Payment is required at the time of purchase; orders will be fulfilled after the 8/31/2019 closure date.  

Please note:  We need to place a minimum order of 50 total apparel pieces for the order to be fulfilled; if the minimum is not met by 8/31/2019, all purchases will be refunded.   Based on expected demand, the minimum should easily be met.


In conjunction with our friends at the Thelemic Print Shop, we are offering a short sleeve T-shirt,  a long sleeve T-shirt, a full zipper hooded sweatshirt, a polo shirt, and a tote cooler (great to carry your fish bags and/or snacks to auctions), most of which include the logo designed specially for this convention by the one and only Sam Scalz.  T-shirts and Hoodie have the convention logo on the back and the NECA logo on the front, cooler has the convention logo, polo shirts have only a NECA logo on the front (with the convention date).


A link is provided below to order directly from the Thelemic Print Shop.  Items will be  shipped directly to your home.


Grey Hoodie Front.jpg
Grey Hoodie Rear.jpg
Pink Hoodie Front.jpg
Pink Hoodie Rear.jpg
Hemp T Front.jpg
Hemp T Rear.jpg
Red Polo.jpg
Black T front.jpg
Long Sleeve T.jpg
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