The online apparel store is being re-opened after the convention for a limited time.  All orders must be received by midnight on 8/31/2019.  Payment is required at the time of purchase; orders will be fulfilled after the 8/31/2019 closure date.  

Please note:  We need to place a minimum order of 50 total apparel pieces for the order to be fulfilled; if the minimum is not met by 8/31/2019, all purchases will be refunded.   Based on expected demand, the minimum should easily be met.


In conjunction with our friends at the Thelemic Print Shop, we are offering a short sleeve T-shirt,  a long sleeve T-shirt, a full zipper hooded sweatshirt, a polo shirt, and a tote cooler (great to carry your fish bags and/or snacks to auctions), most of which include the logo designed specially for this convention by the one and only Sam Scalz.  T-shirts and Hoodie have the convention logo on the back and the NECA logo on the front, cooler has the convention logo, polo shirts have only a NECA logo on the front (with the convention date).


A link is provided below to order directly from the Thelemic Print Shop.  Items will be  shipped directly to your home.


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