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One year new or renewal membership regular price: $25
Memberships run one year from the date of membership purchase.


Use the  "Buy Now" button below to pay your NECA dues securely using PayPal

(or major credit card via PayPal).  Please click on "Return to Merchant" at the bottom of the PayPal confirmation  screen after completing your membership purchase.

Please enter the your name as you wish it to appear on our membership roster in the text box below , then click the "Buy Now" button. 

NOTE: NECA will use the PayPal email address as the contact email for membership. 

Some Benefits of NECA Membership


The New England Cichlid Association (NECA) has numerous benefits, particularly if you actually have a serious interest in cichlids. We plan to hold 2 auctions each year, one in the autumn and one in the spring, and NECA members get 3 free buyer 'bumps' at each of these auctions. Bumps can be strategically used by  buyers to immediately bring an item to the auction table. Each bump normally cost $2 each, so this benefit is worth $12.  

NECA hosts a monthly meeting (generally the second Saturday of the month) that either include a speaker/presentation  at a central location, or a member home-hosted visit (including a visit to their fish room, of course!). Meetings include free refreshments/snacks/food, a mini auction, and sometimes even giveaways.

NECA plans to organize a few group buys in 2023 from some of our gracious livestock/supply dealer partners so you have the opportunity to get some supplies or possibly hard to find fish and pay a significantly lower shipping charge than ordering by yourself. In addition, NECA also organizes occasional group "field trips" to partners that are within reasonable driving distance.

If for some reason you cannot afford the cost of membership, contact us and we'll work out an arrangement that gets you membership in exchange for volunteer work during the course of the year. 

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