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One year new or renewal membership: $25  

NECA membership is from September 1 of this year  through August 31 of the following year  (this year's membership is 9/1/20 through 8/31/21)

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The Benefits of NECA Membership


The New England Cichlid Association (NECA) has numerous benefits, particularly if you actually have a serious interest in cichlids. We hold 2 auctions each year, one in the autumn and one in the spring, and NECA members get 6 free 'bumps' that can be used at these auctions. Bumps can be strategically used by sellers or buyers to immediately bring an item to the auction table. Each bump normally cost $2 each, so this benefit is worth $12.  Members also are assessed a lower fee per lot than non-members (current lot fee for non-members is $5 and $4 for members).   

Next, NECA's motto is 'We Get The Fish.' That means that during the course of the year, NECA organizes group buys from one or more of our sponsor retailers, and we often get access to cichlid species simply not available to non-NECA members. Whether the fish are Victorians being bred in Germany, or wild caught cichlids from the Congo or Central America, we get the fish. So if you want to obtain cichlids for discounted prices, that are literally not available anywhere else, NECA membership is the ticket you need to have. 

NECA has a popular and informative Facebook Group page, and if you want to advertise on that page, you must be a NECA member.

In review, then, you get free bumps, access to really special fish at special pricing, and the ability to advertise on our Facebook page. All for $25. Can you think of a reason not to join?


If for some reason you cannot afford the cost of membership, contact us and we'll work out an arrangement that gets you membership in exchange for volunteer work during the course of the year.