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Custom Aquariums 2019 ACA-NECA Convention Aquarium Fund Sponsorships

Custom Aquariums is graciously donating a beautiful 6 foot x 2 foot x 2 foot (180 gallon) aquarium setup  with stand, overflow, sump, fitering, canopy, and lighting (over a  $5000 retail value) that is being used as a neotropical cichlid display at the convention.  This dream tank setup could become YOURS.  How??  Keep reading....

We are offering a limited number (100) of sponsorship opportunities at $50 each to fund aquarium-related expenses at the convention with a portion of proceeds donated to the Paul Loiselle Conservation Fund.  $30 of each sponsorship will be used for convention aquarium-related expenses such as aquariums, lights, stands, or air systems, with the remaining $20 donated to the Paul Loiselle Conservation Fund.

Each $50 sponsorship will include an entry in a drawing to be held during the Saturday evening banquet, the winner of which will receive the 180 gallon setup....and, to make it an even better deal, the winner can have the setup shipped at no additional charge to their home (free shipping for 48 contiguous USA  states only).

This is an opportunity to support the convention, support the Paul Loiselle Conservation Fund, AND have a chance to be awarded an amazing aquarium setup.

Click on the link below for the basic tank description; as noted above, the actual setup includes a multitude of extras bringing the total value over $5000.


Please use the link below to purchase your sponsorship.  Please fill in the "Sponsor's Name" to be used for the entry in the Saturday evening banquet aquarium drawing. Thank You in advance from the ACA, NECA, and the Paul Loielle Conservation Fund.

Note: If you wish to purchase multiple sponsorships, you will be able to change the quantity in your shopping cart before making payment. 



Sponsor's Name:

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