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The NECA supports the efforts of the CARES Preservation Program. Our members are currently keeping and breeding several CARES-listed species, ensuring that these beautiful fish are not lost forever.

CARES Species List

NECA CARES Database (Coming Soon!)

Below, please find a message from the CARES Preservation Program Coordinator, outlining the important mission of this program.

A warm welcome to the CARES Preservation Program!


Founded in 2004, the CARES (Conservation, Awareness, Recognition, Encouragement, and Support) Preservation Program is based on the critical and timely significance of Conservation, our Awareness as hobbyists of the issues involved, and the public Recognition of members, offering Encouragement and Support for those who take part in playing a vital role in ensuring a positive future for species at risk. The purpose of the CARES Preservation Program is to encourage hobbyists worldwide to devote tank space to one or more species at risk, while forming an information network between aquarists, scientists, and conservationists.


Please note that the CARES Preservation Program is designed to be easy and enjoyable! You may decide to start out with the basic elements, and grow from there. As the purpose of CARES is to encourage hobbyists to devote tank space to one or more species at risk, offering that species a future of hope, if you have done that, you have done well!


CARES is immensely grateful for the essential work of esteemed ichthyologist and champion of conservation, Dr. Paul V. Loiselle.  Dr. Loiselle oversees all revisions to the CARES Preservation Program Conservation Priority Species at Risk List as our CARES Preservation Program Technical Editor of Freshwater Fishes, as well as playing a vital role as consultant for the program.  Alexander Priest continues to do an outstanding job in his major role as our CARES Preservation Program Conservation Priority Species at Risk List Coordinator.

Tropical Fish Hobbyist. Members of the TFH staff have been inimitable in their extraordinary support, continuing to bring the CARES Preservation Program and the current state of our fishes at risk to the forefront. TFH excels in its dedication to creating awareness and promoting conservation of our aquatic life, to both beginners and experienced hobbyists, in a professional and knowledgeable manner. Please be certain to visit the TFH website at for your subscription, a must for all serious conservationists and aquarists, and to be certain that you are kept apprised of the latest breaking conservation and aquarium news! A warm and heartfelt thank you from CARES to David Boruchowitz and all of the TFH Magazine staff!

Aquarium societies are implementing CARES within their organizations, and requests for information come from far and wide. Instructor Bob Keddell, and the students of Lime Kiln Middle School, in Fulton, MD, champion the way in the realm of education as LKMS Aqua Havens CARES is our flagship ― CARES for Education. Through the incomparable work of Bob, please be certain to keep an eye out for exciting new developments in CARES for Education! Patrick Donston, conservation advocate and noted proprietor of the well-known New Jersey aquarium store, Absolutely Fish, is admirably the first specialized retail shop to incorporate the CARES Preservation Program within his clientele.


I truly welcome you and am so glad to have you as a part of this global endeavor! Should you have any questions, or if I can be of help in any way, please do not hesitate to ask. If you know of another organization who would like information on the CARES Preservation Program, please let me know and I will gladly send them a packet, as well as extending an invitation for them to visit us here at! A warm and heartfelt thank you to those of you who have become an integral part of CARES, offering your exceptional talents and contributions, implementing the program within your organizations, and to those who have spread the word! Each and every one of you has made this earth a better place for aquatic life, offering a chance of hope for a brighter future!

With Warm Wishes,

Claudia Dickinson
CARES Preservation Program Coordinator


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