NECA Cichlid Spooktacular


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Cichlid Spooktacular Registration

Registration cost is  $45


Saturday Banquet Buffet Dinner

Dinner Buffet  is $60 (includes all service charges, gratuities, and sales tax)

Banquet dinner will be served buffet style and will include Soup, Caesar Salad, and Wedge Salads, Rigotoni Pomodoro, Flat Iron Steak with Wild Mushroom Cream Sauce, Roasted Atlantic Cod, Roasted Turkey Breast, Roasted Herb Potatoes Seasonal Cheesecake and Chocolate Mouse Cake. Dinner with include coffee and tea, and there will be a cash bar.


Banquet will include keynote speech by Ivan Mikolji, and also the Rare Fish Grab Bag.

Saturday Swap Meet Tables

Cost is $20 per table

Swap meet is intended for those who are not vendors but would like an opportunity to sell new and or used equipment, live fish, live plants ect. The swap meet setup is at 1230pm on Saturday and will be open from 1pm till 3pm. There is a limit of 12 participants, each table will be 6 feet.

Rare Fish Grab Bag Entry

Cost is $20 per entry

Imagine a long table, maybe 20 feet long and 3 feet wide, covered with bags of rare and wonderful fish.  Not just cichlids – there will also be bags of characins, cats, anabantids, killies, even live bearers. And rare ones.  Let’s say there are 60 bags. Nice, eh?


Now imagine if you knew that for $20 you could be guaranteed one of those bags. Which one? Well, that is yet to determined.  Luck will have a lot to say about it.  But you know you’ll get something, and that something will be worth at least $20 and could well be worth more.


We’re calling it The NECA Table Grab Bag, and we’ll be presenting it on Saturday night, March 21, after the buffet dinner at the 2020 NECA Spring Equinox Escapade. We’ll sell one ticket for each bag of fish, all of which will be donated.  The donations will be listed at the event, so everyone will know which Bag they might be able to Grab, depending on the order in which their ticket is drawn.  The drawing will be random, of course, hence the reference to luck in the preceding paragraph.


As a preview, here are just a few of the donated fish we’ll have on the table: Adinocara biseriatus, Thoracochromus calllichromus, Amphilophus festae, Tropheus moori ‘Tanzania murago,’ Labrochromis ishmaeli and Xenotoca eiseni.


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