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NECA 2018 Fall Auction


1.) Please notice the new split per lot ($4 per lot for NECA Members;  $4  per lot + 10% final bid value for non-members)


2.) We will be using for this auction again 

3.) We will be able to continue to pay vendors their split on the day of the auction, however we CANNOT do this until after the last lot is sold.  You have to be able and willing to stay until the auction is completely finished to be paid on the day of the auction.

4.) If you need to leave the auction at a particular time, please be aware that we need up to 30 minutes from the time of your last successful bid, in order to be able to properly check you out.  You will not be able to bid on additional lots during this period. PLEASE PLAN AHEAD!  If you come to the checkout table immediately following your last successful bid, we will not be able to do your checkout out at that moment. 


5.) NEW: Mardiparti food truck will be on site for 4 hours, check for their menu

NECA Auction Flyer Fall 2018.jpg
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