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Sunday Auction


Tentative Schedule (Subject To Change)


Sunday 7/21

7:30 AM     Registration Table Opens and Lots Accepted

8:30 AM     Viewing of Lots Begins

10:00 AM   Auction Starts


2019 ACA - NECA Convention Auction ‘Rules of Engagement’


Vendor / Bidder Number

  • Assigned Number will cover each person as a vendor and a bidder; there will not be separate numbers for vending and bidding.

  • Numbers will be three digit numbers ranging from 101 to N

  • Numbers will be assigned and tracked by Michael McKinney

  • Michael McKinney can be contacted by Personal Message in Facebook or at



  • Bidding for each lot will start at $4.  There will be a 70/30 split for vendor / NECA & ACA, with a minimum of $4 per lot going to NECA / ACA.   NECA / ACA will receive the larger of the $4 or 30% split, not both.

  • Lots will be limited to cichlid and catfish species only, as well as plants and quality dry goods

  • NECA reserves the right to reject items it deems unfit to auction

  • There is no maximum number of total lots per vendor

  • There is a maximum of three lots per species per vendor

  • There is a maximum of five plant lots per vendor

  • There is a maximum of five dry good lots per vendor

  • Bags need to be labeled with legible Lot Numbers

  • Bags need to be labeled with legible species name

  • Pre-registration form is available on NECA website (below) and Facebook page, and can also be requested from Michael McKinney at

  • Pre-registration form is to be submitted to Michael McKinney only

  • Your Lot Numbers will use the following format: 

    • <Assigned Vendor/Bidder Number – NN>

    • Ex: 101-01, 101-02, ….. 101-NN where NN is the total number of lots registered by vendor

  • On the day of the auction (or earlier during the convention) vendors will be provided an equal amount of Red, Green, and Blue stickers to cover ALL their lots.  Following the auction of vendor donations and premium lots, remaining lots will be auctioned in the order of red stickers, then green stickers, and finally blue stickers.


Order of Lots:

  • At any time a lot can be bumped for $3; this lot will be bumped to the next lot to be auctioned or immediately after any other $3 bumps which may already be ahead of it

  • At the beginning of the auction, with the exception of $3 bumps, lots will be auctioned at the sole discretion of the NECA Auction Committee.  Focus will first include vendor donations and second those premium lots selected by the NECA staff.

  • Following the initial auction of vendor donations and premium lots, with the exception of $3 bumps, lots will be selected in order based on the discretion of the NECA Auction Staff from the lots with red stickers until all red sticker lots are auctioned off, followed by the same process for green sticker lots, and lastly followed by the same process for blue sticker lots.


Vendor Payment

  • We will not be paying vendors the day of the auction.  Payment will be mailed to vendors as soon as possible following the close of the convention.   The plan will be to send the payments within three weeks of the closing of this year’s convention.


Checking Out – Leaving the Auction

  • Many buyers need to leave the auction while the auction is still going.  Everyone is very busy and this is not an issue.  That being said, those buyers who have to leave the auction at a certain time, please be aware that we need 30 minutes from your last successful bid/purchase in order to successfully process you out.  Why?   There is a delay between each lot/bid and when the information (Lot, Buyer, and price) is processed at the auction administration table.   Until the information is processed, we cannot accurately cash you out.

Rules of Engagement and Registration Forms:

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