NECA February 2015 Newsletter

The NECA February 2015 newsletter is now available, featuring the following articles:

Peter George, "Cichlids on my mind"

Peter George, "The Breeders Award Program (BAP)"

Jim Kenniston, "A Stinging Catfish?: Lophiobagrus brevispinnis"

Peter George, "Book review: Cichlids of Africa: Volume 1 - Haplochromines by Greg Steeves"

Sandy Feder, "Keeping Caquetaia spectabilis"

NECA Spring Auction information and proposed NECA Auction Rules

Clay Neighbors, "How to read a fishfood label"

Peter George and Mike Liu, "Cichlid preview"

Jim Cormier, "Paretroplus kieneri, the Calico Damba"

Read the full newsletter HERE.


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